Ruysink's Big Five

Михаил · 17 сентября 2017

The Mosconi Cup Team USA non-playing captain Johan Ruysink named the squad which he will lead in December in attempt to win the trophy. If they get the job done it will be the first time in 8 years since the Americans' last success.

The Dutch captain had to select from top ten finishers in the Mosconi Cup rankings for US-based players, and also he had one wild card pick. He didn't use this option though, as all five men come from top ten.

First goes Shane Van Boening which was pretty bold decision as he finished on top with a huge gap between him and second place finisher Dennis Hatch. Joining them are Sky Woodward, Billy Thorpe and Oscar Dominguez who is ranked 7th.

Four of the players named are not new to the big scene of the Mosconi Cup, as there is only one rookie on the squad, up and coming Billy Thorpe. No doubt the Dutch coach is going to build strong preparation and put some extensive work in order to make the US players believe in themselves and get ready to give a fight. One of those steps on the schedule made by Ryusink is bringing the whole US team to Moscow, Russia. First to play at the Kremlin Cup which is a WPA ranking event, and next for the Mosconi Cup rehearsal facing team Russia in ABN Dream Challenge match.